Carbon Filtration Media

Centaur Catalytic Carbon

Centaur Catalytic Carbon filtration media is a unique, catalytic-activated carbon that combines a fine pore structure and high catalytic activity for enhanced absorption of contaminants. It is a liquid phase virgin activated carbon manufactured from bituminous coal to promote catalytic reactions. Centaur can be used for the promotion of oxidation, reduction, decomposition, substitution, and emanation reactions.

Activated Carbons

Coarse Grade

A coarse grade of carbon used in chlorine and taste & odor removal by adsorption. The 8×30 mesh size allows treatment with the least amount of flow loss, and filters particles 40 micron and higher.

Fine Grade

A fine grade of high quality carbon used for taste, odor, chlorine and organics removal, including VOCs. The 12 x 40 mesh size traps particles 30 micron and higher.


KDF-55 is a bi-metal, copper-zinc, material used in chlorine, and heavy metal removal as well as in the removal of corrosion and microorganisms. Chlorine is changed by the exchange of electrons and heavy metals that bond to the media. Use in pH range of 6.5-8.5 and TDS greater than 150 ppm. KDF-55 can control bacteria, algae, mold and fungi growth. When used with activated carbon, KDF-55 extends the life of the carbon media.


KDF-85 is a bi-metal, copper-zinc material used for iron and hydrogen sulfide removal. Iron is reduced and hydrogen sulfide is oxidized in this oxidation / reduction process. Often used to control bacteria, algae and fungi growth.