Iron Filtration Media

Greensand Plus

Greensand Plus is the only alternate media that is an exact replacement for manganese greensand without any alterations to service rates, run lengths, backwash or air/water wash times or rates, or chemical feeds. In new installations, it may be possible to use this substitute product in applications that manganese greensand could not handle, such as higher temperatures, low dissolved solids or low-silica waters. The substitute product also can be operated beyond the 10 psi differential pressure limit that applies to manganese greensand. Greensand Plus, however, does not require potassium permanganate to regenerate; rather, chlorine or another strong oxidant like hydrogen peroxide will suffice.

Manganese Greensand

Manganese Greensand is a glutonite greensand catalytic material, capable of removing iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. This media must be regenerated intermittently with potassium permanganate or continuously with chlorine or It chlorine potassium permanganate mixture.


Pyrolox filtration media works on the principal of catalyst reaction for the removal of iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese. Sufficient oxygen must exist in the water, naturally or by air induction. This media does not require regeneration but is a heavy material that requires vigorous backwashing on a daily basis.


Filox is A catalyst filter material used for hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese reduction by oxidation and filtration. Filox uses an oxidation-reduction reaction to remove iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese from the water.

Filox-R has a PH sensitivity from 5.0 to 9.0 scale. Highest flow rate of any standard iron removal media, 6 gpm/cu.ft service flow; 12-15 gpm/sq.ft backwash rate.


Birm is an efficient and economical treatment for dissolved iron. It acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance reaction between dissolved oxygen and iron. It is a light-weight catalyst filter material used in iron and manganese removal. When sufficient dissolved oxygen is present, naturally or by air induction, an oxidizing reaction will take place. The oxidized iron or manganese is then filterable by the filter material. Birm is a plastic bead coated with naturally occurring manganese oxide.

Katalox Light

Katalox Light’s composition makes it outstanding against other filters such as sand, Birm, Greensand Plus, and others. It’s engineered with a unique coating, providing it light weight, higher filtration surface, more service life and more reliable performance than many other existing granular filter media. Katalox Light is used to remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, radium, heavy Metals and radionuclides. Katalox Light does not need pH of 6.5, but it should be higher than 5.6. Oxygen in water plays no role in its effectiveness. Media should only be backwashed for one hour just after filling in the tank. Will raise PH.


MTM is a granular manganese dioxide used for reducing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from residential water supplies. Its active surface coating oxidizes and precipitates soluble iron and manganese. Hydrogen sulfide is oxidized to a sulfur. The precipitates are filtered out in the granular bed and removed by backwashing.