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Cartridge filters not only represent an integral component to many water treatment systems, but also a potential recurring revenue stream. By installing cartridge filters, you have cemented your status as an indispensable service provider, inviting regular service check-ups and orders for replacements. But no longer are the options simply pleated versus wound, taste & odor versus sediment, carbon block versus GAC; now there are countless options in terms of size, media, housing material, flow rate, and many other characteristics.

Filter Housings

STANDARD FILTER HOUSINGSWe offer a variety of filter housings from which to choose. Standard housing sizes are either 2.5″ or 4.5″ wide, by either 10″ or 20″ high. They can withstand pressures up to 125 psi and temperatures up to 125°F. They typically have 3/8″, 1/2″ or 3/4″ FIP ports. These standard housings are available in white and clear, and for hot water applications, red or black, which units can withstand temperatures as high as 165°F. These units are made of reinforced polypropylene. We also offer “Natural Series” filter housings, which feature pure polypropylene components–no filler, colorants, plasticizers or lubricants–and Viton O-rings, the whole construction specifically designed to withstand DI water and inorganic solutions. Many filter housings are also made in 304 stainless steel material, which can withstand temperatures up to 300°F and pressures up to 250 psi.  No matter the application, we can help you find the right housings.

Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges can generally be categorized based on their material, or what they remove from the water, such as sediment, foul taste & odor, chlorine or other specific contaminants like lead, cysts and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Sediment filter cartridges are designed to filter fine sediment, including sand, silt and rust. We offer sediment cartridge filters made from various materials including pleated cellulose, resin-impregnated cellulose/polyester, polyester fabric, or 100% polypropylene (spun/wound fibers or cords).

Our standard filters are designed for purity and will not impart taste, odor or color to the liquid being filtered. Additionally, the polypropylene construction provides superior chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack.


For taste and odor removal, general purpose powdered carbon filters are often the most economical choice.

Non-cellulose carbon-impregnated pleated (NCP) cartridges offer sediment filtration as well as taste, chlorine and odor reduction in one cartridge. These are pleated to provide additional surface area for high dirt-loading capacity, while maintaining minimal pressure drop.

GAC Granular Activated Carbon filters are designed for reduction of taste and odor, whereby water enters the bottom and filters through the entire bed before exiting at the top.  Our standard GAC filters have a built in 20 micron post filter to reduce fines, and are available in various sizes and micron reduction capabilities.  These are also available as coconut shell-based activated carbon, to reduce certain organic chemicals in addition to chlorine. Designed for liquid and gas filtration, radial flow (RFC) GAC filters are another option.  They can reduce organics and particulate contaminants from plating, alkaline and hydrocarbon solutions, as well as chlorine at low flow rates.

Finally, carbon block cartridge filters consist of finely powdered activated carbon particles that have been bonded together to form a totally uniform, solid profile with supreme adsorptive capacity and kinetic effect. They are made in various micron ratings and standard sizes.


CARTRIDGE FILTERS R SERIESWe also offer a whole range of specialty cartridge filters for reduction of specific contaminants or use in particular applications, for example:

  • Arsenic
  • Hydrogen Sulfide & Iron
  • Flouride
  • Nitrates
  • Tannins / Organics
  • High Purity Deionization
  • Scale
  • Phosphate
  • KDF
  • Mixed Bed

You can also order fillable cartridges so that you can customize your own cartridges with whatever media you’d like.

  • Duff is your one-stop-shop for all your filter cartridge component needs. We offer the largest variety of the highest performing products available. Let us guide you through the best options for your applications.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

At Duff, we understand that your job is to provide the best water to your customers.  What better way than with a reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water system that the homeowners can see every time they are in their kitchen, providing the clearest, unadulterated H20? We stock a wide selection of RO units and replacement cartridges and membranes, in both standard housing sizes and “quick change” options.

We have the largest stock of filter cartridges, housings and related components from the following fine manufacturers:

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