June 26, 2018

You already know that Duff Co. is the exclusive Master Distributor for the complete line of Pentek filtration products. But did you know that that Pentek manufactures a wide variety of industrial filters for a large range of industries–from water, oil and gas, to power generation; chemical, paints and coatings; food and beverage; and the pharmaceutical industry–all made in the USA!

  • Electroplating Carbon Cartridges
  • Resin Bonded Cartridges
  • Modified Molded Block Carbon Cartridges
  • Stainless Steel Cartridges
  • Pleated Cellulose Polyester Cartridges
  • Wound Depth Cartridges

  • Hydraulic Cartridges
  • Microfiberglass Cartridges
  • Oil Absorbing Cartridges
  • Membrane Cartridges
  • Gradient Density Cartridges
  • High Efficiency Meltblown Cartridges
  • And Many More Other Options!

Pentair Industrial’s broad product offering features filtration products for use in a wide range of industries. If  you need help cross-referencing a product, we can help! Call us for:

Duff Co. is your one-stop wholesaler for water treatment equipment and pumps. Duff Co. manufactures residential, commercial and industrial water treatment systems, as well as supplies all the parts and components. Duff Co. is also a full-line distributor of pumps, including the complete catalog of Grundfos pumps, and various other parts and accessories.

Based in Norristown, PA, the company was founded in 1947 as a wholesale distributor of plumbing supplies, which remains a key part of the business. Duff Co. supports customers throughout the mid-Atlantic, from Virginia through New Hampshire.

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