Water Treatment Catalog

We are proud to be a leader in the water treatment field, manufacturing systems for commercial, industrial, and residential users. From routine maintenance to emergency parts to fully customized water treatment systems for even the most complex application, our staff has the knowledge to find just what you need and the technical skills to support you through even the most challenging issues.

We do not offer online ordering at this time, but this collection of PDF catalogs will help you find the part numbers you need to finish any project on your property maintenance repair to-do list.

Once you have identified the parts you need, simply fill out the order form below or use the order form in the catalog and email it to us. We’ll get back to you right away.

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Filters and Housings Catalog – Pentek standard and valve in-head housings, sediment cartridges, faucets and parts, reverse osmosis systems, stainless steel housings and multi-cartridge vessels, and thermoplastic housings, and more.

Water Softeners, Filter Units, and Accessories – including cartridge filters; media, resin and chemicals; control valves; water softener units; cabinet water units and twin systems; fine mesh resin softener; nitrate removal systems; upflow chlorine removal systems, filters, and acid neutralizers; greensand filter units; backwashing filter units; rust removal; commercial softener units; portable exchange – deionization and demineralization; customizable tank jackets, and more!

Filtration Media Catalog – including activated carbon, KDF-85, catalytic carbon, calcite, corosex, lime, marble, magnesium oxide, greensand, birm, pyrolox, filox, katalox, MTM, Filter-Ag, gravel, sand, garnet, anthracite, filtersorb, and multi-media.

Ion Exchange Resins – includes a broad range of ion exchange resins for water and wastewater treatment, including strong acid cation, strong base anion, and mixed bed resins – for deionization, softening, metals removal, product purification, resource recovery, and pollution control.

Pressure Vessels and Mineral Tanks – includes Pentair Poly Glass® Vessels, FRP vessels, composite pressure vessels, portable exchange tanks, and valves in a variety of sizes.

Control Valve Parts and Accessories – Timers, valves, controllers and parts from manufacturers such as Fleck, Clack, Pentair, and Autotrol. Includes parts explosions with part numbers.

Chemical Dosing and Disinfection Catalog – A comprehensive range of e-pump solutions including centrifugal pumps, motors, sensors, and communication gateways; digital dosing pumps such as the Grundfos DDA, DDC, and DDE pumps; Chem-Tech Pulsafeeders; Stenner pumps and motors; and custom engineered dosing systems.

Chlorinators and Direct Well Treatments – PVC and dry pellet chlorinators for direct well systems, sanitizer packs including chlorine pellets to prevent iron and bacteria, sentry flow meters, and more.

Chemicals, Test Kits, and Solution Tanks Catalog – Water treatment test kits to measure water hardness, iron, pH, chlorine, and TDS with and without TDS meters; specilized kits to test for special needs from alkalinity to arsenic; water treatment chemicals such as sodium chloride, rust out, RES CARE Feeder, acids, sodas, aluminum sulfate, polyphosphate crystals, solution tanks, and more.

UV Systems Catalog – includes germicidal disinfection sterilizer (GDS) UV Systems and parts, Safe Lite Systems, Lamps, and more.

RO Systems, Membranes, and ROMate Tanks Catalog – Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems; Microline RO systems; encapsulated element high recovery membranes; filtration solutions with timers, valves, and cartridges; RO units for commercial and light industrial applications; Pentair ROmate Tanks; and more.

Fittings, Valves, and Tubing Catalog – We offer every fitting, valve, and tubing type imaginable including Sharkbite, PEX Pipe and Fittings, Press Ball Valves, Copper, Polyethelene Tube and Fittings, Black PEI Twist & Lock®, Nylon Compression, and more.

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