Residential Water Softeners, Treatment Equipment, and Supplies

Happy Family 3At Duff Co., we pride ourselves on the best service in the business. We understand that your customers don’t care how you get the job done; they just want it done—soft water, getting the iron out, no more smelly water, remove the arsenic, whatever it is. We’ve been there, and done that: Our water treatment experts have more than a combined 100 years in the industry. We’ll even test the water.  Call or email us today!

We also offer proprietary programs to our elite customers with special access to products, exclusive dealer territories, customized marketing programs and specialized training opportunities. Learn about the Aquachamp dealer programs and other exclusive product lines. The year 2018 marks the official relaunch of the Aquachamp dealer program. Learn more by talking to Duff today!

9100 systemDuff Co. is your #1 source for water treatment equipment and supplies!

We offer the widest selection of:

Residential Water Softeners

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of water treatment systems and equipment, we build to your specifications. That means we offer an unlimited variety of equipment–all depending on what you, or your customers, demand. Please call or email us today to let us know your needs; we will custom-tailor solutions for your business.

Standard water softener units may vary based on tank size, control valve, mineral/resin, flow rates, even color of brine tank and resin tank, and many, many other options. That’s why it’s best to give us a call and talk through the options.

We are here to help you with all matters technical. But we are also here to help you grow your business.

Contact Us FemaleGrowing Your Business is our business

Our competitive edge is the Duff Difference: Product selection, technical expertise and best-in-class customer service. What is yours? Our staff is packed with experienced veterans of the residential and commercial water treatment business. We can provide you with the competitive advantage, as we know what it takes to succeed.