Water Softening Resin, Media, and Chemicals for Water Treatment

Water softening, deionization, dealkalization, tannins, heavy metals—our water treatment specialists have expertise in virtually any all ion exchange and adsorption technologies. As one of the area’s leading wholesalers of softeners, chemicals, resins, and media, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the right medium for the job.

At Duff Co., we have a deep relationship with our customers; we like to consider our customers as partners. As such, we lend our experience in water treatment to our customers all over the Philadelphia area and beyond. That’s why our customers rely on us, and why they refer to us as indispensable to their business.

Ion Exchange Resin

Ion exchange resins are particularly well suited for the removal of ionic impurities for several reasons: the resins have high capacities for ions that are found in low concentrations, the resins are Resinsstable and readily regenerated, temperature effects are for the most part negligible, and the process is excellent for both large and small installations, from home water softeners to huge utility installations. Our high-quality resins include:

Activated Carbon

Coconut Shell, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), WQA Certified (ANSI/NSG), or specialty carbon–Duff is the expert when it comes to the varieties of carbons available on the market today.


Filtration Media

Beginning with gravel, various multimedia beds, anthracite, KDF, Corosex, Calcite, Birm, Katalox Light, and many, many others.


Water Softener Cleaners

We offer various water softener cleaners designed to clean, restore and maintain the life of water softeners. These products are formulated to treat water softeners with iron issues or for daily preventative maintenance.

Ask us about NSF and EPA approved products to sanitize and disinfect water treatment equipment!

ReSTore Softener Treatment

When added to your brine tank monthly, ResinTech’s ReSTore prevents surface fouling of your softener resin, ensuring longer life and increasing performance. Specially formulated to clear away iron, manganese, and other foulants, ReSTore provides a solid defense against contaminant build-up. It helps remove contaminants that salt leaves behind, keeping resin beads clean.