Ultraviolet (UV) Light Systems and Parts for Water Treatment

Ultraviolet (UV) light can destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms without adding chemicals or changing the underlying chemistry of the water, and the method is approved by the FDA. UV is a quick, reliable and cost effective method of disinfecting water for both point of use and point of entry.

UV systems use ultraviolet light, just like sunlight, to kill micro-organisms that may be in the water. The method is also environmentally friendly. UV lightMost UV water treatment systems require only an annual change of lamp – as simple as changing a light bulb – and a periodic change of any filter cartridge.

Growing Business

As importantly, UV light disinfection oftentimes represents a critical part of our customers’ businesses: an additional “add-on” item to sell, plus recurring revenue/service visit for replacement bulbs. We can help your business grow if you’ll allow us to become your UV light supplier. Our experts will help you determine when you need to install a UV light, what UV disinfection will accomplish, what lights to use, and answer any other questions you may have.

We Can Help

Drinking WaterWe offer premier brands of UV systems and UV light replacement bulbs, lamps and components for a wide variety of UV systems. Give us a call or send us an email right away.

Our standard UV units come in 7 gpm, 8 gpm and 15 gpm, all with an indicator light to alert when a new bulb is needed (based on gallons used) and a safety sight port, showing a clear view of the bulb. Each model is available in a Special Edition, which includes an audible alarm if the unit shuts off, a totalizer/counter to indicate how many gallons have been used since the last changed bulb, and a battery back-up system.