High Efficiency in a space-saving design.

The split tank system is a carbon filter / water softener combo that produces soft, odor-free water via a specially encapsulated, laser-welded mid-plate inside the mineral tank. By combining two medias in a single space-saving tank, the split tank system allows one tank to do the work of a two-tank system.

Endless possibilities for mixing media in the two chambers!

This split tank system provides for both activated carbon in the top chamber to remove chlorine and high-capacity softening resin in the bottom. This creates softened water while also removing chlorine and treating tastes and odor in the water.

These systems are designed with upflow brining to prolong the life of the media and provide maximum efficiency. They also save floor space and conserve water and energy usage.

In addition, split tank systems provide significant reduction in costs and installation time and effort — while offering ease in serviceability.

Available in 10” and 13” tank sizes. All tanks come with a dome hole for media replacement or replenishment (such as for pH neutralization media). All models come with pre-filled softening resin in the lower chamber and an upper basket to prevent media loss.

Tank SizeResinCarbon
10 x 541.0 CF Premium Softening Resin (Max capacity 32k grains)0.5 CF Activated Carbon
13 x 541.5 CF Premium Softening Resin (Max capacity 48k grains)1.0 CF Activated Carbon


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