May 11, 2016

it's comingWe’re in the process of revamping our counter area. To better serve our customers, to better display our products, and to provide a better space for our employees, we’re undergoing this mini-remodeling.

To the right you can see how our counter area looked before the project. Told counterhis is a typical depiction of a counter transaction: A loyal customer grabs a seat at the counter, and describes his problem; we develop a few alternative solutions; lots of product is displayed in every square inch of eyesight, and all is well and good. This setup has served us well for quite some time. Indeed, much of the display is identical to how things were when my grandfather, Dick Duffine, was still around, in 2001.

However, it’s time for a refresh. In the weeks ahead you’ll see more pictures of our remodeling. And things are going to get worse before they look better. Having said that, we’re all excited for this revamp, refresh, restart, and any other word to which you can append the “re-” prefix.

You should also stay tuned for a series of Duff Summer Counter Days we’re hosting in conjunction with our Grand Re-Opening. We’ll celebrate with hot dogs, snacks and refreshments; new products and product demonstrations; special discounts; raffles and prizes; and, at each of the Summer Counter Days, every single one of the Hooters Girls in the entire Mid-Atlantic region!  (Just one of those things is not true–can you guess which?)

So, stay tuned . . . 


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