Fleck puller and stuffer tools make replacing seals and spacers a snap. These genuine Fleck parts are designed to save time when replacing seals and spacers in Fleck Valve heads. Be sure to reference the valve part number when ordering your tools to ensure compatibility.

Fleck Puller and Stuffer shown against a white background.
Fleck Puller and Stuffer Tools

Fleck Pullers

Part NumberDescription
61669Puller 2850 9500
36441Puller 2900 3150
27880Puller 2510 2750
71599Hook, Seal

Fleck Stuffer Tool Assemblies

Part NumberDescription
27855Stuffer Tool 1500, 2510, 2750, 2900 Upper
36458Stuffer Tool 2900 Lower, 3150, 3900 Upper
36746Stuffer Tool 5000, 5600, 6700, 9000, 9100
36426Stuffer 2850/9500

Fleck Piston Assemblies

A variety of piston assemblies specifically designed for each valve are available, including conversion kits for hard water and no hard water bypass, and for systems with separate source regeneration.

Ask your Duff Co. Representative for details regarding piston assemblies to meet your requirements.

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