April 2, 2017

Who is Rusty?

Meet Rusty, one of the members of the DWC product family. Rusty hates iron and sulfur. Rusty is also environmentally conscious, and doesn’t discharge any salt or other chemicals into the earth.

How does Rusty work?

Rusty uses the Fleck 2510 AIO valve to inject air into a water system in order to oxidize and remove iron. This patented system mixes oxygen-rich air with contaminated water to convert the iron into an insoluble form so the filter backwashing removes accumulated iron from the media. An inlet check valve prevents air from flowing backwards out of the filter tank.

The Rusty iron removal system . . .

  • Eliminates reddish-brown stains of iron in sinks, tubs and other fixtures
  • Eliminates dark gray or black stains of manganese
  • Stops rotten egg odor caused by hydrogen sulfide in water
  • Helps to brighten the whites and colors in laundry
  • Removes metallic taste and odor
  • Keeps pipes open, clean and clear

Available in THREE Models

Rusty comes in three different flavors:

  1. With Birm — to remove iron and manganese
  2. With Centaur Catalytic Carbon — to treat taste & odor problems, particularly hydrogen sulfide
  3. With Filox – to treat a combination of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide

Pick the Rusty that’s right for your application. Not sure? Contact the experts at Duff today!


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