Moen commercial faucets feature the latest in Moen’s innovations, bringing sleek, state-of-the-art design available and advanced technology to customers from high-traffic schools to modern office buildings. These superior products exceed the users’ needs while delivering lower lifetime costs for today’s modern facilities.

M-Power Sensor Products

M-Power sensor operated faucets, soap dispensers, and flush valves offer efficient and hygienic solutions, making it easier than ever for heavy-use facilities to maintain sanitary environments and reduce maintenance. Available both battery or hard-wired configuration, set up is a snap.

M-Power Products include:

  • Flush Valves
  • Lavatory Faucets
  • Tub & Shower
  • Kitchen & Bar Faucets
Moen's M-Power Faucets shown in a commercial bathroom.

M-Power faucets feature all metal construction and vandal-resistant features, backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • Clean performance—The innovative sentinel flush purges the copper waterway every 24 hours to eliminate static water, improve hygiene and sanitation. Laminar flow options further reduce chances of contamination.
  • Simplified maintenance—With above-the-deck access, the battery pack and mechanics are easily accessible. An LED display alerts users when batteries need replacement.
  • Water savings—Choose from several eco-performance flow rates.
  • Battery Life Extending Technology—Battery life provides up to eight years of power with standard AA alkaline batteries.
  • Tool-Free Programming—Program features such as activation distance, cleaning modes, metering modes and sentinel flow with simple hand gestures.
  • Modern and Transitional Styles—New modern and transitional designs bring a fresh look to your facility.

M-Dura Heavy-Duty Faucets

Moen® Commercial’s M-DURA line of faucets are ideal for high-traffic environments that demand reliable performance. Built to endure the toughest treatment, M-Dura faucets’ vandal-resistant features help reduce maintenance costs, and the modern styling options bring a fresh touch to any setting.

Moen M-Dura faucet shown on a lavatory sink.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction—The solid cast-brass body provides reliability and durability, with added protection from a wear-resistant Chrome finish.
  • Ceramic Disc Cartridge—Protected by a free-spinning hub and tamperproof screws, the heavy-duty ceramic disc cartridge features internal stops that prevent misalignment and ensure complete shutoff.
  • Vandal-Resistant Operation: Available options include recessed aerators that can only be removed by authorized personnel.
  • Updated Appearance—Not only are M-Dura faucets stylish and modern, but they are easy-to-clean with softened angles and lack of recesses to resist dirt buildup.

M-Press Heavy-Duty Metering Faucets

Moen’s M-Press line of heavy-duty metering faucets provide consistent timing and reliable performance for high traffic facilities.

M-Press metering faucets meet the highest expectations and offer updated style with cast-brass construction and vandal-resistant features.

  • Consistent Timing—The sealed silicone timing mechanism is completely separated from the water source – protected from impurities and clogs – to ensure consistent timing.
  • Reliable Performance—Even if water pressure varies at your facility, the faucet provides consistent handle feel, reliable timing and proper shutoff with every use.
  • Superior Durability—The M-Press faucet features an interlocking design with an anti-rotation handle and deckplate that will never rotate. Additional optional anti-rotation deckplates are available for single-mount models.
  • Vandal-Resistant—Features a recessed aerator to protect from tampering and damage.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction—The solid cast-brass body features a finish that resists harsh chemical cleaners.
  • Versatile Interchangeability—Covert any M-Dura 8200 series faucet (except 8242, 8244, and Modern Lavs) from manual to metering with a simple Manual-to-Metering Conversion Kit.

M-Bition Medium-Duty Faucets

Moen® Commercial’s M-Bition line of medium-duty faucets offer a balance of superior durability and attractive design.

Ideal for settings such as health care environments where residential-influenced styling adds a personal touch, the M-Bition has aesthetic appeal while offering the features needed to ensure lasting, worry-free performance.

Classic Brushed Nickel available on select models.

  • Safe Operation—Protects users from burns and reduces energy costs with adjustable temperature limit stop and durable brass construction.
  • Superior Durability—The 1225® Duralast® Cartridge’s proprietary ceramic-disc design offers a smooth feel and reliable operation.
  • Easy to Install—Choose from a variety of supply line options, including standard copper or flexible supply lines.
  • ADA Compliant—The lever handles feature embedded hot/cold indicators that won’t wear off.
  • Vandal-Resistant—The unique, recessed design protects the aerator from tampering and damage.

Not sure which product line is right for your facility? Have questions or wish to request a quote? Whether you need a single cartridge or your facility is considering a major renovation, our expert customer service representatives are here to help. Contact us today!