Each winter, facility maintenance professional, plumbers, and water treatment specialists face the inevitable calls for frozen pipe repair. Whether you are stocking up on supplies before cold weather hits or in need of emergency supplies, count on Duff for frozen pipe solutions.

Pipe Insulation

Proactive insulation can prevent the high cost and inconvenience of repairing burst pipe.

Available in a variety of sizes and materials such as fiberglass, Zeston-type fiberglass for fittings, foam armaflex, k-flex, and fasco cell options, we have what you need to protect tubing and pipe, elbows, tees, and fittings before cold weather hits.

Heat Trace

Featuring a self-regulating conductive core, The Raychem Frostex freeze protection cable reacts to fluctuations in temperature to protect pipes. As temperatures drop, resistance decrease and heat is generated. When temperatures increase, so does cable resistance, generating less heat. The kit features a ground-fault protect plug and an end cap and the system includes a power indication light.

Raychem TruckPak Service Carton. Part Number: 68404

Our Raychem TruckPak service carton includes 50 feet of 3-watt per foot electric heating cable, two Frostex 9800 plug kits, and one roll of 9610 application tape.

In addition to the kit, components are available individually and cable is sold per foot and in reels of 100, 250, and 500 feet.

Insulating Pipe Wrap

Simple-to-use and flexible for tight spaces and varying pipe diameter, pipe wrap is available as a self-adhesive foil and foam, as foil-backed fiberglass, and in tape form. They also reduce pipe sweating, dripping, and can reduce heat loss.

K-Flex USA Elastometric Insulation Tape (Part No. 28638) and Frost King Pipe Wrap Insulation (Part No. 14142).

The Last Resort: Hot-Shot Pipe Thawing Machine

Be sure you’re ready for whatever winter throws your way by ordering a Hot-Shot Pipe Thawing Machine to have on hand.

No more tearing up floors, breaking open walls, and digging through frozen ground for broken pipes. Made my General Wire, the thawing machine is easy to store, easy to handle, and easy to use. Simply attach the clamps to the pipe and plug it into any 115 volt receptacle. In minutes, the water will thaw and flow again.

The Hot-Shot 400 features 400 amps of power to thaw up 175 feet of 1.5″ diameter lines and weighs only 31 pounds. The Hot-Shot 320 draws only 14 amps to generate 320 amps of power. It can thaw 100 foot lines up to 1.5″ diameter.

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