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August 8, 2016

Fully integrated, the new self-priming Grundfos SCALA2 is designed to boost water pressure from city mains, shallow wells and storage tanks serving residential buildings with up to three floors and eight taps. An intelligent pump control sensor compares measured and desired water pressures, adjusting pump speed accordingly and ensuring a perfect water pressure through the system. The plug-and-pump solution has a user-friendly control panel to enablSCALA2e manual pressure adjustments.

We now have a full stock of the  SCALA2 pumps at our Norristown World Headquarters.  We’re thrilled about this new product, and below are the top reasons you should be too. In the meantime, call or email us about this exciting product.

1. Ease & Simplicity

Quick and easy installation in just three steps: connect the pipes, prime the pump and plug into the power outlet.

Simple Selection

One model to suit most domestic applications makes selection easy.

User Friendly

EasyThe easy-to-use control panel features LED indicators displaying power status, pressure setting and alarm indicator lights.

Protective Functions

To protect the pump and help ensure a long life, a range of protective features are incorporated into the pump such as; dry-run protection, anti-cycling alarm, auto-reset and maximum continuous operation time (30 mins).

Easy Installation

Quick and easy installation in just three steps: connect the pipes, prime the pump and plug into the power outlet.

Integrated Non-Return Valve

No additional non-return valve required – plug and pump solution.

2. True Constant Pressure

In a compact and affordable package, you can now install a pump with integral variable speed drive. This allows true constant pressure: The pump adjusts performance according to water demand, providing constant pressure to all taps regardless of variations in demand or inlet pressure.Plumber

3. Energy Efficiency

The pump features a permanent magnet motor to help reduce power consumption while the frequency controller matches the power consumption with the required water output, also helping to conserve energy and reduce energy bills.

4. Quiet Operation

While water boosting pumps can often be large and noisy, the compact, all-in-one SCALA2 weighs only 22 Ibs. and has a super-silent motor that is water-instead-of-fan-cooled, which results in a sound level of 47 dB(A), which is roughly as loud as a modern dishwasher.

5. Self-Priming

Ideal for pressurizing water from above or below ground water sources with a suction lift of up to 13 feet and self-priming up to 26 feet.

Here are the specs on the SCALA2:
SCALA2-Technical data

Compact, easy to install and providing perfect water pressure: the SCALA2.

Finally, please contact our pump experts today for any questions on this or other pumps. We’re fully versed on this and many other pumps, prepared with the solution for your application.

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