Insulate and protect your softener tanks with our exclusive neoprene zip-up tank jackets!

Available in a wide variety of sizes, the neoprene jackets keep your resin/media tank dry and in great condition. The full length back zipper makes it easy to apply to tanks already installed in the field and easy to remove for machine washing.

Add your custom silk-screened logo for an additional charge!

  • Insulating: protect tanks in the field from ambient temperature fluctuations
  • Reduce Moisture: Reduce condensation from forming on the outside of softener tanks
  • Safety: Reduce the risk of dents or dings by protecting tanks with insulating neoprene
  • Style: Upgrade the look of tanks and protect them from dirt with a zip-up cover
  • Branding: Add an optional logo to ensure future property owners will know who to call for service and parts.
Part NumberDescription
J835Neoprene Softener Jacket 8″ x 35″
J844Neoprene Softener Jacket 8″ x 44″
J948Neoprene Softener Jacket 9″ x 44″
J1044Neoprene Softener Jacket 10″ x 44″
J1048Neoprene Softener Jacket 10″ x 48″
J1054Neoprene Softener Jacket 10″ x 54″
J1248Neoprene Softener Jacket 12″ x 48″
J1252Neoprene Softener Jacket 12″ x 52″
J1354Neoprene Softener Jacket 13″ x 54″
J1465Neoprene Softener Jacket 14″ x 65″
J1665Neoprene Softener Jacket 16″ x 65″

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