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If you can’t identify it or don’t know what it’s called, just ask our Parts Guru. This highly sophisticated tool taps into more than two centuries’ worth of Duff knowledge and expertise. The Parts Guru can save you time and money by helping you identify a part, determine the right replacement or find out how to fix it.

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To contact the Parts Guru, scroll to the bottom. There you can also attach any pictures that may assist the Parts Guru in addressing your inquiry. Here are some examples of questions, problems or issues the Parts Guru has answered, solved or resolved:


I can't find this faucet stem. Can you help me identify it?
What is the right flush valve for my facility, given the demand for water and energy savings?
Can my facility use pex pipe in our heating systems?
I am the plumbing supervisor at a hospital. I have always soldered. Why should I instead use copper press fittings?
I'm in charge of maintenance at a nursing home. We have had some geriatric patients injured falling off and breaking toilets. Are there any geriatric toilet accessories that will prevent this problem?
What spare parts are available for the backflow preventer in our mechanical room? Does it make sense to repair it or replace it?
The commercial office building for which I'm the building engineer uses theremodynamic steam traps, among other kinds. Can I change out just the disc in these traps where they are failing?
I'm the plumber at a local university stumped on which side of the water heater I should install the expansion tank.
I need a new circulator pump. Is there a way to quickly swap out what I have for the replacement?


We're scheduled to install a new well pump at a single family dwelling next week. What information do you need to know to help me size a well pump for this job?
Can you help me find the seals for this old split-case pump?
I am in charge of maintenance at a factory. We have big machines that use a small pump to cool liquid. I have no idea what brand the pump is, nor do I know how to find out what kind of pump it is. What should I do?

Water Treatment

I'm at a jobsite where the water softener isn't providing adequate flow. What should I do?
Will this water softener remove iron from the water?
I am a service tech at a plumbing service company. Can you please size the water softener for this house?
I'm a well driller and would like to know your thoughts on the best way to disinfect a private well system please.

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