December 27, 2016

Today the competition was scrumptious. In my opinion, all of us were winners. Alas, the rules dictate that we had to vote for a champion among the ten entries—based on the categories of presentation; appearance; taste & flavor; texture; and overall impression. Yet the unexpected happened, and the jurors couldn’t decide on just one winner: we had a tie between peanut butter/chocolate buckeyes and Jewish apple cake. I can vouch for the excellence of these two treats.

Congratulations to our co-winners and thank you for bringing your “A” game. Until the 2017 champion is crowned, this year’s winners will share possession of the trophy. To the remaining eight contestants, thank you for entering the competition with sinfully indulgent desserts.

Next, I want to convey the appreciation expressed by all the contestants to our special guest judge, who was kind enough to come in today, despite being on vacation, to monitor, verify and certify these results.

Happy 2017!

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