January 29, 2019

The Polar Vortex is here, which means frozen pipes are just a burst away! Make sure you’re ready and able to respond quickly with fast & reliable repair solutions!

1. Insulate

The cost and labor involved with insulating pipes in advance of the cold far outweigh the potential inconvenience and costs associated with burst pipes.

Fiberglass insulation, or foam armaflex-type insulation, keep the pipes warm.

At Duff, we have just the solution to this potential problem. First, wherever you can, insulate the pipes. We have fiberglass as well as armaflex/k-flex/fasco cell options for all sizes of pipe and tubing–including elbows, tees and other fittings.

2. Heat Trace

Another way to protect your system is with heat trace. 

As the environment becomes colder, cable resistance decreases and more heat is generated. Conversely, as the environment warms, cable resistance increases and less heat is generated. The Frostex 9800 FlexFit plug kit is used to terminate the heating cable. The 9800 includes a specially designed ground-fault protected plug and an end seal for sealing the cable end that does not plug in, as well as a power indication signal light.

3. Wrap

Another way to protect your pipes is by using a pipe insulation wrap. This non-itchy solution comes in assorted widths to accommodate whatever pipes your trying to protect and, like the other options above, can be used on both hot and cold pipes.

We also offer pipe wrap insulation in a tape form, as a self-adhesive foil and foam, or as foil-backed fiberglass that you adhere on your own.

4. What if it’s too late?

If your pipes are already frozen, we have another solution for you. General Wire makes what it calls a Hot-Shot pipe thawing machine.

No more tearing up floors, breaking through walls, or digging around frozen pipes in frozen ground.

Now you can eliminate hazardous blow torches and stop worrying about expensive repairs or damage. With the safe Hot-Shot pipe thawer, you can accomplish the job faster and easier – and save time and money.

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