May 1, 2019

Welcome to the Future of Water Treatment

Over the decades, the Fleck and Pentair brands have dominated the world of water treatment. Things have changed, however: More brands, more companies, and more options have entered the marketplace. To re-position itself for the decades ahead, Fleck (Pentair) now provides new water treatment valves that are simple yet pack a powerful punch.

Three Valves – Many Applications

The 5800 series valves come in sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 1-1/4″; they are similar in appearance and offer flexibility with interchangeable parts. The 5800 valve (3/4″), 5810 valve (1″) and 5812 valve (1-1/4″) offer high flow solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Each valve in this series is capable of upflow or downflow softening, or filtering–just a change of the piston, injector and plug, then a tweak in the programming.

5800 with XTR2 Touch Screen

Flexible Controllers

The 5800 series valves also offer different controllers, all of which can be swapped in or out among any of the valves on this platform.

  • The popular workhorse SXT controller has a large LCD display, with customizable programming settings.
  • The premium XTR2 Touch Screen controller has even more functionality, plus two programmable relay outputs for normally open and normally closed circuits. Talk about programming flexibility: The XTR2 board provides options for Vacation Mode, Dealer Contact Info, Alerts for Service, and many more!

Go with the Flow

  • The 5800 has service flow rates of 21 GPM, with peak flow rates reaching 27 GPM, and backwash rate of 17 GPM.
  • The 5810 has service flow rates of 30 GPM, peak flow rates of 47 GPM, and backwash rate of 28 GPM.
  • The 5812 has service flow rates of 35 GPM, peak flow rates at 59 GPM, and backwash rate of 45 GPM.

Duff Co. is your one-stop-shop for all your water treatment needs. If you contact us, we’re happy to talk about the benefits of the 5800 series valves.

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