August 28, 2016

Stainless steel is among the most durable materials to use, with its ability to resist corrosion, fire, heat damage and harm from chemicals; its hygienic advantages, providing an easily cleanable surface; its natural strength–which allows it to be used in a reduced thickness, which also provides the added cost benefit; and the ease with which it can be cut, welded, machined and fabricated.stainless-steel-sheetsThese are the main reasons we recommend the material for custom fabrications, whether it’s a small custom basket strainer (see the image to the right) for a healthcare facilityss box strainer or a specially fabricated commercial kitchen.

You may already know about the benefits of stainless steel. But did you know that our Commercial & Industrial sales team specializes in custom stainless jobs? We can measure and recommend the ideal construction to suit your job.

As an example, a local university’s facilities department struggled with ongoing maintenance costs in connection with bathroom vanities it offered in dormitories. The maintenance team found they were replacing 052a faucet every couple years, but more troublesome, the students were damaging the cabinet doors, laminated surfaces and just about every corner or edge. The solution: a set of custom fabricated stainless steel cabinets.

If you look carefully at these photos, you’ll see every surface is stainless, with the exception of the tops. The countertops and sink bowls are a solid surface Corian material, which is a non-porous, stain-resistant stone-like material that can be shaped, carved, molded and textured innumerable ways. The best part about Corian is that it can be renewed; marks and scratches can be sanded off to give it an original appearance.

We considered every detail in preparing this job. As you can see in the picture at right, even the drawers were fabric043ated with an attention to usability, with smooth corners, stainless inserts and heavy duty stainless tracks. And, again, for each edge and corner, nary a sharp to be found.

The end result, beyond a beautiful product, was a very satisfied customer. The facilities department determined they would recoup their investment in due course, thanks to drastically reduced maintenance costs. On top of that, the parents and students were happy with a smart looking vanity that gave the room a refreshed and fashionable look.

If you have questions about these vanities, or for your next specialized job, call us at Duff.

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