September 19, 2016

ewqa-logoThe Eastern Water Quality Association is a trade group that supports and represents the water treatment industry, covering the Carolinas through New England. Duff is and has been a strong backer of this organization. A vibrant EWQA benefits not only Duff Co. and its peers but also the entire community, from residential water conditioning dealers, to contractors interested in selling water softeners, to manufacturers of water treatment components.

This year the EWQA annual convention was held for the first time at Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie, Pennsylvania. In short, the event was a huge hit. The facilities–bearhotel rooms, trade show floor area, conference rooms and ballrooms–were immaculate and beautifully adorned; the views of the mountainside were idyllic; attendance and fundraising broke records; and the feedback from other attendees was nothing but stellar. Indeed, universally, people attending the event said it yielded immediate business dividends with new business opportunities.

You can see in the picture at left of our booth. Among other things, ewqa-duff-2we displayed the new Fleck XTR touch-screen water softener controller; our own “DWC” under-sink reverse osmosis system (which is available with either proprietary “quick-change” cartridges or in a standard, screw-down, sump style); the Grundfos SQE constant pressure system, which is a 3″ pump with integral variable speed drive; and the super-simple Grundfos DDE chemical dosing pump.

If you’re part of–or interested in–the water treatment business, we strongly encourage you to join the EWQA. The organization has the resources to help you in your business. Contact us if you have any questions about this great organization.

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