June 30, 2017

As we approach the holiday weekend and the Fourth of July–a time when many commercial businesses close–I think it worth recognizing the people that take care of those facilities. Building engineers, mechanics, facilities teams–these are the people that keep commerce running, often hidden out of sight from the users and other employees of these facilities.

When the faucet isn’t dripping, and the toilet flushes fine and there are no leaks showing on the ceiling tiles, most people don’t think about the facilities people. But when something is wrong, everyone wants to know where they are. “Why is the sink not draining right? It’s been like this almost all morning!”

So, in recognition of their dedication to maintaining the facilities that we all use, we salute their work. While office workers won’t be in the high-rises on Tuesday,  the water still must be on; hospitals still must be open for patients; and nursing homes must still care for their residents.

If you’re a facilities person, and you have an emergency after business hours or on a holiday, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Just give us a call!


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