The Pentair Freshpoint Five Stage Reverse Osmosis System is the ideal system to purify most household drinking water systems.

Stop buying bottled water!

The Five-Stage RO water filtration system removes contaminants including particulate matter, chemicals, dissolved solids, chlorine, lead, arsenic, and more.

Not only will your water taste better, you’ll save money on bottled water and reduce the amount of plastic you recycle each month.

Reverse osmosis systems are environmentally friendly, helping decrease the number of water bottles entering the recycling pipeline. RO systems also use less energy compared to other filtration systems.

The Five-Stage RO System
(DPN 161112)


  • Reduces more than 90% of contaminants found in water
  • Effortless click-in cartridge change-outs
  • Color-coded cartridges help maintain proper filter sequence
  • 3/8” push fittings for easy installation
  • High efficiency membrane technology delivers up to 75 gallons per day
  • Built-in check valve system for backflow prevention
  • Double O Ring design for optimal cartridge sealing
  • Additional systems are also available

The System Includes

  • Air gap side faucet
  • Installation kit
  • Installation and operation manuals
  • 4.4 gallon storage tank

Contaminants Removed

  • Arsenic
  • Dissolved Solids
  • Taste & Odor
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Atrazine
  • Lindane
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 58 certificed to reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means

Replacement Filters

655123 – Qty: 1 – for chlorine taste and odor

655126 – Qty: 1 – for lead / cyst / VOC

655122 – Qty : 2-pack – 75 gdp membrane

655117 – Qty: 1 – Post filter

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