The new generation of Grundfos CR pumps has been designed for maximum energy efficiency and performance across the board, from superior hydraulics to little innovations like profiling the leading edges of vanes and introducing a flow-guiding system to eliminate eddies and turbulence.

The result is a pump range that offers world-class energy efficiency, beating its already outstanding forerunners out of the blocks.

For the largest pumps (100+ hp), Grundfos developed a Thrust Handling Device (THD) that improves motor service life and allows for the use of standard motors by using discharge pressure to balance the axial thrust load.

Flanges: A wide selection ensures the CR can be mounted in any type of pipework.

Pump Base: Optimized inlet with minimal pressure loss lowers the requirements for NPSHr significantly, allowing for much more compact system designs. The optimized outlet port improves hydraulic efficiency and overall pump performance.

Chamber: The guide vanes feature a profiled leading edge to reduce turbulence and prevent energy loss.

Seal Rings: New rings reduce pump recirculation to improve efficiency.

Impeller: Optimized for maximum efficiency through extensive simulation-driven design.

New Shaft Seal: All large CR pumps use a new field-proven cartridge shaft seal which is durable and easy to replace.

Top Cover: New cupped cover minimizes recirculation by guiding liquid away from the center of the chamber stack.

Multipump Solutions

If your application has great fluctuations in demand or rare high peak flow demands, consider Cascade Control. The CR range is the backbone of HYDRO MPC Booster Systems, available in configurations with up to six CR pumps, allowing for flows up to 8,453 gpm.

Performance Control

Improve energy efficiency by controlling pump performance.

CR pumps up to 30 HP can be fitted with integrated drives (CRE) or stand-alone drives (CUE). The CUE drive is optimized for pump operation and available in all voltages and frequencies.

The the larger CR/CRN range pumps, Grundfos offers plug-and-play drives customizable to your needs.

Customized CR Pumps

Contact your Duff Co. representative to customize a CR pumps for any variety of needs, including:

  • Difficult liquids
  • Ultra-pure water
  • High temperature liquids
  • Low NPSH
  • ATEX/EX (not available on some models)
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