May 13, 2016

“These pumps are slick as snot.” That’s what one customer recently said after he first tried a Grundfos chemical feed / metering pump. Without question, these pumps are smart, easy-to-use, extremely versatile and as precise as Steph Curry with an open look at a corner three-pointer.



While we offer many other brands – including Stenner, Pulsafeeder and Chem-Tech – we have found our customers love the ease, reliability and precision that Grundfos’ unique stepper motor provides. All SMART Digital pumps are equipped with the gentle yet powerful stepper motor, which completely eliminates stressful starts and stops while allowing a continuous feed.

Grundfos DDE Chemical Dosing Pumps

Grundfos Chemical Pump Distributor

Grundfos “DDE” Meterring Pump

The complete line of Grundfos chemical dosing pumps is extensive, but I want to dedicate some ink to one specific pump. We have found that Grundfos’ “DDE 6-10” dosing pumps are the perfect fit for many water treatment dealers, chemical water treaters and OEMs. The DDE 6-10 doses up to 4 gph. Each pump comes with a ¼” installation kit (tubing, foot valve, and injector); has an adjustable flow range from 0.0015 to 1.5 GPH (1000:1 turndown) up to 150 psi; and is available in either a “Basic” (manual control only) or “Pulse” configuration (pulse, remote off/on, and solution level sensor).

Accuracy & Flexibility

Indeed, all Grundfos SMART Digital Dosing pumps operate with this stepper motor (which also, incidentally, features a universal power supply (1×100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz)). This allows exceedingly precise dosing accuracy, as any potential deviations in dose rate are automatically corrected by the stepper motor’s speed regulation mechanism. This unique design significantly reduces pressure peaks, prevents mechanical stress on wearing parts like the diaphragm, tubing and connections. The integrated flow measurement function on these little pumps is so precise, in fact, you won’t need any additional measuring equipment.

Perhaps most impressive, the stepper motor design allows the pump to always operate a full stroke length, even at small flow rates, and irrespective of the capacity set; because the stepper motor is always operating at full stroke length, each stroke ensures maximum volume displacement per stroke, optimum accuracy and easy priming.


Because the stepper motor prevents any harsh banging you see in other pumps, the Grundfos pump requires minimal maintenance. In fact, their operation is so quiet, you likely won’t be able to hear it operate in a boiler or mechanical room. The only maintenance we recommend is taking out the ball checks and diaphragms and rinsing them off in RO or DI water. We’ve also never had an issue with these pumps gassing. That’s such a reliable feature that, when we demo the pump we use champagne to show that it won’t gas.


The DDE pump’s turn-down ratio is wide enough to replace a number of different pumps. We tell customers the DDE 6-10 B-PVC/E/C-X-31l003BG covers about 90% to 95% of alk inhibitors and chlorine applications, although we offer a few other variations of this pump—each is available either as a “basic” model (manual control only) or “pulse” configuration (pulse, remote off/on, and solution level sensor), and with different wet end (head/gasket/check ball) materials. All Grundfos pumps come with a ¼” installation kit (tubing, foot valve and injector).

Grundfos provides an easy disconnect mounting plate that allows for multi-position installation and ease of service.

To learn more about the complete line of Grundfos chemical dosing pumps, I recommend visiting the page on our website dedicated to Grundfos SMART Digital Dosing.

The pump’s built-in sensor and variable-speed stepper motor solve installation and operation headaches, address safety and reliability concerns, and help stem energy and system costs. To learn about the industry-leading features of the Grundfos SMART Digital Dosing Pump, check out the video below. 

As always, I also encourage you to contact the dosing experts in our pumps and water treatment departments. We can help you size, select and specify pumps, as well as answer any questions you may have. We are your distributor for Grundfos chemical pumps.

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