October 1, 2018

Lose an Inch – Gain an Order!

The SQ pump is Grundfos’ most compact submersible pump for ground water extraction. A mere 3” in diameter, the long, lean pump fits nicely into small boreholes of the same size – or in 4” boreholes that over time have become smaller. The compact design, along with key features like dry-run protection and soft start to reduce wear on motor, makes the SQ pump one of the most reliable choices for submersible operation.

The Grundfos SQ has been a stellar performer since its introduction in 1999, boasting the following
unique features:

  • 3” Diameter and light weight – for ease of installation, especially in narrow or corroded wells
  • Wider voltage range than a traditional 4” 2-wire 230-volt pump and motor
  • Soft start
  • Higher efficiency and lower amp draw than a traditional 4” pump and motor
  • Integrated protections inside every pump: dry running protection, overload protection, voltage protection, and over temperature


At only 2.9” in diameter and a weight of only 14.8 lbs, the SQ submersible pump is extremely compact and ideal for all wells 3” and larger. In addition to the features and benefits shared with the renowned SP submersible pump, the SQ offers a number of motor protection and wear-reducing features that makes it the obvious choice for groundwater extraction for residential wells, for irrigation systems, or for groundwater lowering. In the big picture, this pump will save you time–and money!


  1. Compact & very light weight
  2. Will fit in all 3” and larger wells
  3. Suitable in wells where deposit prevent replacement with a 4” pump
  4. Best build-in protection features
  5. Has a high efficient permanent magnet motor

Get more business!

Grundfos SQ 3″ submersible pumps are suitable for both continuous and intermittent operation for a variety of applications:

  • Ground water supply – private housing, small waterworks, small irrigation systems
  • Liquid transfer in tanks
  • Pressure boosting
  • Environmental applications – remedial pumping or sampling

For all of these reasons, more and more pump professionals are turning to the 3″ Grundfos SQ pump. Contractors spend more time working on their business than pulling defective pumps.


Deliver powerful, reliable operation with the Grundfos 3” SQ submersible:

  • A lightweight, reliable pump with 20 year performance record
  • Easily installed in a 4” well that will no longer accommodate a 4” nominal O.D pump
  • Built in soft start, dry run protection and over/under voltage protection  
  • Broadest operational voltage range (150 to 280) in the industry – reducing call backs 
  • Operates like a conventional 2 wire pump

Contact Duff today to cross-reference the SQ pump from your 4″ pumps–the pricing is now right to make the switch!


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