July 6, 2016

grundfos training

Demonstrating the features of the Grundfos GO Remote

We’re past the July 4th holiday, which means not only are we in the throes of summer–and not only do we have an all-new Duff BBQ Contest title-holder–but also we are half-way through our 2016 series of DUFF Summer Counter Days. We jumped out of the gate with Grundfos Week; had great success with AO Smith and SharkBite in the second week, and; predictably, generated widespread enthusiasm for RIDGID’s complete line of tools. Next up: Taco HVAC products, this Friday, July 8th.


Not to be confused with the traditional Mexican dish, Taco Comfort Solutions is a third-generation, family-owned American manufacturer of top-notch HVAC products. Our customers most commonly know the Taco brand from its in-line circulator pumps and other hydronic accessories. Taco is also leading the field when it comes to high-efficiency variable speed circulators. 00e_VT2218_topper

Taco’s new generation of “00” pumps make the 007 pumps look like the Ford Model-T. For instance, the 00e and the 007e series ECM High-Efficiency circulators offer the same performance as the legendary 007, but with up to 85% less electricity usage, making it ideal for hydronic zoned systems with circulators or zone valves. The 007e is also built for convenience. It features dual electrical knock-outs and 6″ stranded wire leads for easy wiring, it’s double-insulated (so no ground is necessary), and it includes integral flow checks. Taco’s patented BIO Barrier® protects the circulator from system contaminants with a unique clean-in-place design, making servicing easy.

In short, consider the technology in the new 00e series akin to the shooting prowess of the new-look Golden State Warriors: the competition just doesn’t stand a chance. Don’t be Russell Westbrook in this analogy; choose the best, and choose Taco. Other highlights of the 00e series include:

  • VT2218 — The only temperature sensing pump in its class. It comes with two temperature sensors to provide Delta-T readings to the pump’s brain.
    00e vt2218

    Taco VT2218

    That means it’s ready to slash fuel bills right out of the box. It’s also whisper quiet and has a bright, big LCD screen that’s easy on the eyes. Simple push-button navigation lets you set the pump to any one of five modes quickly and easily.

  • VR1816 — For residential applications, the VR1816 features infinitely variable fixed speed or 6 pressure presets to fit your job. It’s simple to install and intuitive to set up, allowing you to step up from 3-speeds to ECM efficiency. In fixed speed mode, you can fine tune the circulator flow rate to precisely match design load conditions. It is infinitely variable between min/max settings.

    Taco VR1816

    This pump is ideal for zoning with circulators. It also maintains a proportional pressure differential (Δp-v) in the system as heating load increases or decreases. Flow will change in relationship to the change in pressure differential. In constant pressure mode, it maintains a constant pressure differential (Δp-c) in the system as the heating load increases or decreases.

Taco Counter Day – This Friday, July 8th

To learn more about these great products, stop by this Friday, July 8th. This will be our fourth installment of our Duff Summer Counter Days. Would you like to learn more about these special events? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s a brief explanation, from a couple of our in-house Counter-Day Experts:

Counter Day Specials!

And finally, what does this all mean for sales and discounts?! We’ll have a few different specials running this Friday on Taco products, but keep an eye out for sales on zone heads, mixing valves, and the classic 007 circulator pumps. Stay tuned!



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