ResinTech CNS is a solvent-free, premium black softening resin. It is a sodium form, strong acid cation resin. CNS has standard cross-linkage, optimized for residential and commercial applications. This type of resin is easier to regenerate than the higher crosslinked resins. It has marginal resistance to chlorine and other oxidants and is not ideal for high temperature and other high stress applications. This product is made right in our backyard, in Camden, NJ.

CNS Resin is a dark brown / black filtration media.

CNS is Gold Seal Certified by the WQA for potable water applications. It is intended for residential and commercial water softening of waters that do not contain significant chlorine residual and where potable water certification is required. CNS is setting a new standard for water softening resin.

Data about the CNS Resin for water softening.

Available in 1 cubic foot bags, boxes and drums, 7 cubic foot drums and 42 cubic foot super sacks.


Not only is CNS made in the USA, it’s locally produced in the brand-new ResinTech facility in Camden, NJ.

ResinTech's 360,000 sf facility in Camden NJ

After years as a chemical engineer and recognized expert in ion exchange for water treatment, Michael Gottlieb started ResinTech in the basement of his New Jersey home. Three decades later, the company has expanded to include offsite resin regeneration, closed-loop wastewater treatment solutions, RO membrane restoration, resin and water analysis, and Aries Filterworks, which manufactures cartridges and lab water systems with ResinTech premium media.

In 2020, ResinTech opened its LEED® Silver certified global headquarters in Camden. The 360,000sf facility, which employs 040 workers, is the first new ion exchange factory in America in the last thirty years.

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