April 9, 2016

Lead in the water has become a serious issue across the country. Some it is hype, fear-mongering or political. But some of it is legitimate. What we read about the water quality in Flint, Michigan is certainly for real. There are also areas closer to home that may have dangerous levels of lead (or other harmful contaminants) in the drinking water. drinking water

That’s why we developed a simple, all-in-one, in-line lead filtering system. In one package, we provide a 2.5″ x 10″ clear filter housing with 3/4″ female ports; a lead cartridge filter with a 0.5 micron rating that also filters out chlorine taste & odor, plus cysts, including 99.5% of cryptosporidium and giardia cysts; a wall bracket; and a wrench to open the filter housings.

Our customers are telling us they hear all the time that their end-users “don’t want to be a news story”. That is why this lead filtering system has become so popular since we introduced it.

Please call our water treatment experts, or email us, to discuss whether this all-in-one kit is the right fit for your applications. Let us help you get the lead out.

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