December 29, 2017

Every once in a while, we come across a trinket, tool or product that just makes life easy. This is just such a product for the professional maintenance and facility team. The Universal NuFit is, in fact, the quickest way to a brand-new drain, bath waste or overflow. In just a few minutes you can install a sparkling, shiny new drain and stopper.

You don’t even have to remove the old strainer body. No tools needed.

Here are the quick-hit highlights:

  • Does not extend down into the drain which means it can be used in almost any tub.
  • Not limited by inside diameter or depth of the strainer body.
  • Installs in Minutes!
  • Always in stock at Duff!

Don’t believe it’s that easy? Seriously, you don’t? Well, check out this video and then see what you think . . . .


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