January 23, 2017

You’ve heard us talk about the benefits of the Moen Commercial line of faucets and flush valves. While Moen has rededicated itself to high quality products in the commercial space–in particular, a great fit for the education market–Moen Commercial’s line of electronic sensor operated products have shaken up the traditional assumptions about which products work; which last; which are easy to install; which are easy to maintain; which provide the best common-sense features; which help conserve water and energy; and, perhaps as impressively, which feature first-class design that catch the eye of architects, engineers, mechanics and guests alike.

Moen Commercial’s new M-POWER™ collection of sensor products offer sleek new designs with advanced sensor technology. The redesigned products maintain a longer life with lower lifetime costs.

Moen M-POWER™ Electronic Sensor Flush Valve

Moen Commercial’s line of M–POWER™ sensor-operated products provide heavy–use facilities efficient and hygienic solutions to maintain sanitary environments and reduce maintenance. With all metal construction and vandal-resistant features, M–POWER™ products are backed by a best-in-class 5-year warranty.

  • AccuSet™ piston technology delivers virtually maintenance–free precise flush volume, with a stainless steel self–cleaning filter to protect against clogs or damage
  • Durable cast brass body construction with chrome finish
  • Mechanical override
  • Rated battery life up to 8 years* (no lie: their redesigned sensor technology has shattered records for battery efficiency)

* Typical alkaline battery life at 130 uses per day is about 8 years.

Because Moen is relatively new to the commercial scene, they developed a clever “retrofit” option which easily fits into existing flushometer installations of Sloan or Zurn models.

Just to be clear, or in case you missed it, that’s a 5-year warranty. On everything, parts and electronics.



Moen Sensor Retrofit Head

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