BioArmor® is a new point-of-use secondary water treatment system from Chicago Faucet, designed to treat pathogens using ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes.

The compact size allows it to fit under any sink. Plug-and play design for fast, easy installation. Works with any faucet, providing secondary water treatment at a hand washing sink*.

Easily installed between the incoming water lines and the faucet, BioArmor attacks pathogens using UV-C light to penetrate cells and render them microbiologically inactive. When water flow is detected, it delivers instant full-intensity power – without heat transfer – to disinfect the water. For use with any faucet*, BioArmor is designed for long term, low maintenance performance.

Chicago Faucet BioArmor® Disinfection System

Installs between the stop valves and the faucet with standard 3/8˝ compression inlets and outlets. Two independent chambers treat hot and cold at the same time up to 1.5 GPM for convenience and efficiency.

Always know your BioArmor UV-C Disinfection System is operational. Easy to see indicator lights and error alarm deliver ongoing, consistent monitoring.

Simply connect to your BAS to remotely monitor errors and collect data on hot and cold water activations to help calculate UV lifespan and monitor faucet usage.

The system was tested by third-party BCS Laboratories and showed an average 4 log reduction of legionella.

*110VAC to 12DC transformer required.
**The system is not intended to treat water used for medical devices.

The 8453 Series Combination Eyewash and Touchless Faucet

Chicago Faucets has combined an independently operated eyewash with a durable, cast brass touchless spout. This space-saving design allows you the extra safety of a fully functional eyewash and a versatile touchless gooseneck faucet without taking up any additional counter space. The eyewash features a large, intuitive push handle for activation with a completely separate supply line for tepid water.

Combination Eyewash and Touchless Faucet

Features include:

  • Separate Water Supply: For Eyewash Independent supply line for eyewash allows connection to an ASSE 1071 thermostatic mixing valve to meet code and provide user safety.
  • Large Push-Handle: For Easy Activation Intuitive stay-open push handle design for easy-to-locate operation during any eye emergency.
  • Durable Construction: Heavy-duty, cast brass faucet body and spout with vandal resistant outlet designed to withstand abuse and tampering.
  • A secure compact Control Box mounts below the deck and conceals the power, solenoid, mixing valve, and supply.
  • Added Safety: Available with integral ASSE 1070 compliant thermostatic protection to help prevent scalding.
  • Optional Commander™ handheld programming unit maintains and monitors your faucets with five running modes, hygiene flush, and usage tracking.
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