“Forever chemicals” derive from a variety of industrial and manufacturing operations related to non-stick and stain resistant coatings, fireworks and munitions, and other applications. The chemicals can appear in potable water by leeching into groundwater and through other means. Their removal can be achieved through a variety of Ion Exchange and other resins, including these two products, both made in Camden, NJ.

Recommended Uses:

  • Residential Drinking Water
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Point-of-Entry (POE)
  • Private Wells
  • Groundwater

Perchlorate (PFAS) Reduction Filters

Highest-capacity perchlorate removal
filters featuring Resintech® SIR-110-HP.

Fits standard residential & industrial size
housings (10 and 20 inches).

Oversize cartridges available for maximum media.

SIR110HP Filtration Media

Chloride form perchlorate, nitrate, and PFAS selective gel strong base anion resin.

Gold Seal Certified by the WQA for potable water applications.

Recommended for removal of perchlorate, nitrate, iodide, pertechnetate, and most PFAS compounds.