August 17, 2017

Your life just got much easier . . . .

Watts now offers a comprehensive line of valves with press connections for light commercial and residential applications. They can be used for both new construction and renovation projects as an alternative to a solder joint.

The technology provides a way to:

  • Join copper tubing to brass and bronze valves more efficiently than with soldering
  • Save on time and labor costs (compared with soldering)
  • Create a strong, consistent, reliable, watertight seal
  • Avoid soldering issues, such as fire, smoke and fire watches (often required when soldering is performed)
  • Easily identify missed or unpressed connections
  • Join wet connections


Watts valves with press connections are available for backflow preventers, pressure reducing valves, hydronic valves and mixing valves.  Just contact the Duff professionals to find out what other products are available with press connections. Interested in pressing technology? Just ask!

Joe Watts & the Watts Company

Founded in 1874 by Joseph Watts, Watts Regulator Company, as the company was originally known, made its reputation by “Setting The Standard in Valve Technology.” During its early days, Watts manufactured pressure reducing valves to regulate steam and relief valves to ensure safe operation of water heaters and boilers.

Joseph Watts, founder

In the 1900’s, Watts introduced the revolutionary combination temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve, a protection device for use on hot water supply tank systems. These T&P valves prevented dangerous hot water heater explosions and continue to be an integral part of today’s water heating systems. In the 1970’s, Watts was instrumental in the promotion of backflow prevention devices to prevent the backward flow of contaminated water from entering into the potable water supply. Watts continues to lead the backflow prevention market today.

To learn more about Watts, or to purchase any products made by Watts, make sure you contact us. We are the leading wholesaler of Watts products in the region, and we know our stuff!

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