July 28, 2017

Domestic water pressure is a sore spot for so many homeowners. We have many solutions to this common problem. But a new product we now stock will knock your socks off. No, really.

DAB pump has introduced the most compact electronic pressure boosting system in the world. Revolutionary, integrated E.SYBOXmini provides a new installation experience–as easy as 1-2-3–and the easiest user experience you could imagine. E.SYBOXmini benefits from the most advanced DAB technologies to ensure a consistent pressure based on actual needs, and therefore optimal energy consumption.

The E.SYBOXmini guarantees the comfort of constant pressure (pressure set point adjustable from 15 up to 70 psi) inside the system. Suitable for use with drinking water, in domestic systems, and in gardening applications, E.SYBOXmini does not require any additional components for its installation. It really is plug-and-play.


The DAB E.SYBOXmini consists of a high frequency self-priming double impeller pump, management inverter electronics, pressure and flow sensors, adjustable high resolution LCD display with 1/4 gallon built-in expansion vessel, and cartridge check valve. The double suction and delivery ports allow both vertical and horizontal installation.

Thanks to its compact size, installation is also possible in difficult places without high air exchange. The E.SYWALL wall bracket allows wall installation, saving even more room. E.SYBOXmini is a self-priming pump with a capability of 26 ft in less than 5 minutes. The water cooled motor, the anti-vibration feet and the electronics, make this product totally comfortable and compact.

Fitted with all the safety protections, as well as the protections for the safeguard of the pump–in particular, the dry run and antifreeze protections. All the parameters and the operating status is displayed and set on the high-resolution LCD display. Like we said, this is a cool product.


Thanks to the technological know-how gained during the past 40 years, DAB pumps introduced the E.SYBOXmini, the most compact and advanced booster pump system in the world. Revolutionary and complete,

E.SYBOXmini provides a new installation experience, whisper quiet running and maximum performance. It offers the ideal solution to solve any water pressure issues in residential environments.

The E.SYBOXmini can be installed vertically or horizontally, in a ventilated room or in a recess–any setting will be perfect for making the best possible use of the E.SYBOXmini, which ensures a reduction of at least 30% of the dimensions as compared to other traditional systems. Thanks to its versatility, E.SYBOXmini can be installed anywhere, even under the kitchen sink.


  • Guaranteed consistent water pressure
  • Ultra low noise
  • No vibrations
  • Easy to adjust
  • Equipped with large display
  • Extremely compact size
  • Quick to install
  • Installation options: horizontal, vertical
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance

We’ve been in business a long time, and domestic water pressure technologies have advanced light years. To learn more about this exciting new product, contact us. We have plenty in stock and ready for quick ship!!


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