While newer soil pipe can last for many years, older cast iron has a lifespan which can be impacted by inactivity, soil erosion and foundation settling. Rough edges can cause clogs and stoppages. Tree roots and underground movement can cause cracks that can cause extensive damage to buildings. Pipes that have been descaled become thinner and over time the high pressure of water can lead to failure.

Turn to the pros at Duff Co for these parts and more. We can help you save time and money during the repair process.

Blucher Pipe

We sell an extensive range of stainless steel pipe that can be used above or below ground. Light weight, non-combustible, and easy to install, it is designed to keep flow moving through reliable connections while adding long life to your drainage project.

Cutters and Saw Blades

Diablo Reciprocating Saw Blades

Featuring perma-shield coating to protect the blade from heat and corrosion. Thin design for fast cuts.

Ridgid Soil Pipe Cutter
for 330B ProPress

Fast cutting without lengthy lever arms. Eliminates the need to score the pipe.


Full Circle Clamps

Used to join plain end pipe for new installations and replacements. No special tools required.

Smith Blair Redi Clamp

Economical repair for pinholes, punctures and splits. Gridded gasket surface provides superior sealing.


Arc Couplings

Replace short sections, adapt dissimilar materials and sizes, and join lengths. Resists heavy earth loads, keeps pipes aligned, and installs fast.

Fernco Couplings

For sewer or drain waste and vent pipe. Resistant to chemicals, UV rays, fungus, and sewer gas. Leak proof, rust proof.

Husky Bands

Super-Duty stainless steel couplings for joining no-hub cast iron pipe and fittings.

Repair Saddles

Make strong, dependable, and easy-to-install connections with Husky service saddles. Styles vary for use with any type of pipe. 

Soil Pipe Repair Plates

Available in 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6″.

Pow-R Ready Wrap and Patch

Pow-R wrap is a permanent repair solution for large pipes, for cracks up to 0.25″ x 4″. Ideal for municipal, industrial, marine, water/sewer, pump stations, and more.

Works on wet, dirty, or corroded services and cures in 60 to 90 minutes in temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees. Impervious to water, chemicals, oils, and acids. No tools required.

Blue Monster Compression Seal Tape

Stop leaks under pressure without turning off the water source. Ideal for crisis and long-term applications. Features self-fusing layers that form a compression seal without adhesives on any type of ridig pipe, from galvanaized to cast iron to copper, plastics, and rubber. Available in various widths.

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