April 27, 2016

Yesterday we endured torrential downpours. The weather can bring about dower moods; bring traffic to a halt; and otherwise ruin well laid plans.

Yet the rain can also expose critical problems like leaky roofs and other water damage. When that happens, or to prevent it in the future, make sure to think of Duff–for sump pumps, drainage and other water-diverting solutions.

Double Rainbow, Man!This picture was taken by a Duff web visitor yesterday, and it has some symbolic meaning: When problems arise, Duff is here to help you solve them. That’s where we got half of our slogan (“When you need it now, or don’t know how…“). We’re problem solvers, and we come up with solutions. We view our job as making our customers’ jobs easier.

If you haven’t worked wits us before, give us a chance. We can help you save energy, water or efficiency–not to mention man hours. While we can’t promise you sunshine and lollipops, or rainbows and unicorns, you can rest assured that we’ll make your job easier.

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