As office buildings reopen following closures due to COVID-19, potential conditions exist for the spread of bacteria and viruses in public and commercial restrooms.

Whether your property is office or industrial, lodging, healthcare or a government facility, your complex plumbing system and bathroom surfaces are a breeding ground for contaminants.

Disinfection loss, metals corrosion, sediment collection, and biofilm growth have all set in, bringing with them the threats of Legionalla pneumophilia, Pseudomonas Aeroginosa, Mycobacterium avium and more.

While there is no standard check-list for reopening a facility after a prolonged closure, there are simple steps you can take prior to opening to reduce the risk of infection.

Products That Can Help

  • Support proper hand hygiene with touch-free faucets and toilet handles.
  • Consider an upgrade to sensor faucets with line flush features. They can even be programmed wirelessly with a smart phone app to flush at intervals to prevent debris build-up.
  • Quickly order replacement parts such as sprayhead inserts and solenoids that have been damaged.
  • Increase sanitation access by adding handwashing stations. Liberty pumps that come fully assembled make connecting to a drain easy.

We offer touchless faucets, hand-free flushometers, and flow aerators with antimicrobial protection that create a crystal-clear stream of water, eliminating air that can contain harmful bacteria and contaminate drinking water.

Contact your Duff Co. representative to learn how you can mitigate disinfection loss, metals corrosion, sediment, and biofilm.

For more information about reopening buildings after extended closures, see this guidance from the AIHA and these recommendations from the CDC.

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