Sani-System Sanitizer Combats Bacterial Growth

Without proper care, water softener systems can harbor bacterial growth that multiplies inside tanks, filters, canisters and hoses – in any area where water sits.

Water softeners and equipment should be sanitized on a regular basis to prevent airborne, waterborne, and human transmitted diseases. Sani-System is the only EPA and NSF approved sanitizer for use in reverse osmosis units and water softening systems.

When used as directed, Sani-System is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria including E. coli, listeria, H1N1, MRSA, Bird Flu, Staph, Herpes, and other organisms that can contaminate your water – without the use of acids, oxidizers, or chlorine that can harm the system’s valuable parts. It eliminates odors and sanitizes tanks, hoses. And it is easy to use!

Pro Res Care Liquid Resin Cleaner

Pro Res Care can also be used to help double your unit’s softening power. A specially formulated liquid resin cleaner, it provides advantages for both well water and public water softeners by removing contaminants like manganese, silt, metal particles, and organic compounds that salt can’t budge, restoring softener beads and control valve parts to peak efficiency. It can be applied with the easy installation of a Pro Easy Feeder outside of the brine tank or manually applied directly into the brine well.

To add the Sani-System and Pro Res Care product lines to your customer’s maintenance plans, contact your DuffCo representative today!

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