Sloan connected products put controls and data at your fingertips with bluetooth technology.

The Optima EAF and BASYS EFX Faucet models are bluetooth compatible when using the adapter.

With the largest selection of connected products, Sloan offers faucets and flushometers with bluetooth connectivity and advanced technology that make tracking and managing usage easy.

Now, you can wirelessly monitor the heath and status of fixtures, generate and share diagnostic reports, access product data, and more.

  • Save time: Change settings and run diagnostics through the app.
  • Monitor usage: Perform maintenance before issues arise.
  • Troubleshooting: Diagnose problems and find solutions fast.
  • Shorten repair time: Find replacement parts before service begins.
  • Lower costs: Only replace what you need.
  • Increase water efficiency: Adjust sensor range and customize timeouts through the app
  • Reduce risk: Set line flush intervals to keep faucets and flushometers clean and safe.

View System Status

Built in sensors allow you to view water usage and battery strength.

Customize your settings to ensure efficient usage every time.

Adjust Settings

Wirelessly adjust the settings to reduce the time and cost of maintenance.

On demand timeout settings help control water usage.

Automated line flush settings reduce the risk of stagnant water and keep fixtures operating efficiently.

Customize the activation distance for different applications.

Run Diagnostics

Technical data is at your fingertips for swift and easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

Receive diagnostic results to keep products operating efficiently and spot issues before they arise.

Send reports back to Sloan for technical support and assessment.

You can even browse the library of troubleshooting resources for every product.

Available Everywhere!

Bluetooth Connected Products

Bluetooth Adapter Upgrade (Code 33351001)

Can be used with new faucets and to retrofit existing deck-mounted EFX and hardwired EAF faucets (2015-present).

Upgrade your existing BASYS EFX and hardwired Optima EAF faucets with the Bluetooth adapter.

It installs under the deck with plug-and-play ease. Simply connect the adapter to the faucet cable and firmware will update automatically. (The adapter is not needed for Optima ETF/EBF faucets.)

Optima® EAF Faucets

Optima ® hardwired-powered deck-mounted mid body faucets

Optima® ETF-EBF Faucets

Optima ® battery-powered and hardwired faucets in various styles such as traditional, deck-mounted, wall-mounted, and gooseneck.

BASYS® EFX Faucets

BASYS ® battery-powered, solar-powered, turbine-powered, and hardwired faucets in a variety of styles.

SOLIS® Flushometers

SOLIS Exposed Sensor flushometers for water closets and urinals, and retrofit flushometers.

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