Telling a homeowner their drinking water is contaminated with any level of arsenic or PFOS and PFOA Forever Chemicals can cause a moment of alarm, but the diagnosis isn’t without treatment options, and Duff Co. offers exceptional solutions at competitive prices.

Arsenic Filter Cartridges

Duff Co.’s 2.5” x 10” arsenic removal cartridge is filled with ResinTech ASM-10-HP premium arsenic removal resin.

It fits standard style sumps and is effective over the entire pH range of potable water.

It is ideal for point-of-use applications requiring EPA compliance of less than 10 ppb of arsenic.

Made in the USA!

Aries Filter Cartridges

Reduce PFOS & PFOA “forever chemicals” in drinking water with Aries filters.

The oversized cartridge allows for maximum media capacity while still fitting standard residential and industrial sized housings. Also removes other Per and Poly fluorinated compounds.

Made in the USA!

PFOA/PFOS Removal Systems

Duff Co. is also pleased to announce that the existing Freshpoint Reverse Osmosis system has received certification by IAPMO R&T for reducing up to 98% of PFOA/PFOS, commonly known as “forever chemicals.”

Three of Pentair’s Freshpoint products have received this designation: The Freshpoint F2000-B2B Two Stage, the Freshpoint F3000-B2B Three Stage Filtration Systems and the Freshpoint GRO-575B Five Stage Reverse Osmosis System.

These products still feature the same effortless click-in cartridge change-outs and color-coded cartridges customers love to help maintain the proper filter sequence.

If you have questions or which to receive a quote for arsenic filter cartridges, Aries cartridges, or any Freshpoint RO system, contact us today!

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