Split-Coupled End-Suction Pump

Grundfos’ new N-Series pumps are available in three different end-suction models: the frame-mounted NK, close-coupled NB and split-coupled NBS.

  • No couplings to align!
  • Incorporated motor drive!
  • Easy seal change that eliminates the need to remove the pump from the piping!

With industry-leading efficiencies that future-proof the pumps against government efficiency regulations, the NBS is designed to make installation faster, improve efficiency and reliability, and be easier to service throughout the pump’s life.

The NBS features a footprint up to 35% smaller, a lifetime guarantee, back-pull out design, and a new hard-faced seal that improves reliability and reduces servicing costs.


  • No baseplate or grouting required reducing installation costs
  • No alignment required between the pump and motor with our Lifetime Alignment Guarantee — eliminating laser alignment costs and reducing installation time
  • Optimized, space-saving design has up to a 35% smaller footprint compared to traditional frame-mounted design pumps
  • Top centerline discharge design allows for self-venting and more compact piping designs

Efficiency and Reliability

  • Industry leading efficiencies you can count on, because of advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • New Silicon Carbide (SiC) / Silicon Carbide (SiC) hard faced seal’s robust design offers increased temperature range, better abrasives handling and longer life versus standard designs (standard on all N-Series pumps)
  • Backed by our Lifetime Alignment Guarantee so you never have to worry about undue wear and tear on mechanical seals, bearings and energy losses due to misalignment
  • Optimized, stainless-steel impeller design increases efficiency and reduces NPSH required
  • Balanced impellers reduce noise and vibration for quiet operation and prolong seal and bearing life
  • 4″ and above models have a internal dual-volute design for increased efficiency, lower life-cycle costs and prolonged seal and bearing life
  • Integrally cast diffuser vane reduces turbulence


  • Foot-mounted volute for increased pump stability
  • Spacer-coupling design allows for back pull-out and easy access to mechanical seal without removing the motor or disturbing piping


  • HVAC (Cooling/Heating)
  • District Energy
  • Industrial
  • Water Utility

Technical Data

FLOW, Q: max. 5,800 gpm
HEAD, H: max. 450 ft
LIQUID TEMPERATURE: -13°F to 248°F (Optional: 284°F)
WORKING PRESSURE: max. 232 psi (Optional: 362 psi)
HP RANGE: max. 250 hp
SPEED: 3600, 1800, and 1200 RPM
DISCHARGE SIZES: 1.25 to 10 in.
• Centerline: 1.25–6 in
• Tangential: 8–10 in

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