Car wash facilities and auto detailers rely on high-quality water filtration to eliminate hard water, minerals, rust and iron, and other impurities to protect their top asset: clean water. You can trust Duff Co. as a one-stop shop for a customized system to address the specific challenges of your water supply, creating the cost-effective solutions you need without extra, expensive parts.

Need help selecting a product or designing a system? Our experienced team is here to help.

A white car in an automatic car wash.

RO Systems & Water Softeners

Two different RO systems - one in a green metal case with gauges and a control panel, and one showing a filtration cartridge, pump and other components.

Our complete line of RO systems accommodate flow rates from 500 to 175,000 GPD, removing up to 99.8% of impurities and providing clean, pure water. Available models offer a choice of flow rates and configurations. We even offer compact, pre-assembled designs that enable installation in under 2 hours.

We offer spotless rinse systems and compact, space-saving units to fit in the tightest pump rooms. Standard and high flow models available.

Clack Softener Systems

A Clack brand valve head attached to two tanks, showing the control panel display.

Clack water softeners, single-, dual- or twin-tank systems, offer durable, proven and easy options to remove the most stubborn water quality issues. Rely on the experts at Duff Co. to help you select the product right for your application. We offer standard units as well as customized systems—whatever is right for the job.

If you need more: Softening systems not only remove hardness like calcium and magnesium, but also protect your RO membranes from premature fowling. Softeners can also remove iron in certain applications. Let us know if you want to remove chlorine, organics or sediment to protect your equipment and we can help!

DWC Ceramic Disc Valves and Systems

The DWC Ceramic Disc Valve image shows the valve interface and the ceramic disc interior component.

Your customized car-wash water filtration system is controlled through the DWC Ceramic Disc Valve.

This best-in-class valve is easy-to-use, and it’s the most dependable, efficient, and flexible system you can buy. Stronger than steel, the patented ceramic disc valve is durable. It has has no wear parts to service or replace, and it requires no maintenance or disassembly.

  • Easy to Use Display: Use the bright, easy-to-read LCD display window to control seven advanced programming options. And no external controller is needed for multiple control heads or external devices!
  • Adjustable Cycles and Work Modes You control performance with fully adjustable cycles. Four sequences help dial-in the exact configuration your facility requires.
  • Customizable Programming: No pre-programmed choices! You have complete flexibility to program the grains capacity / salt dosage.
  • Efficient Media Cleaning!: Using up-flow regeneration, the valve cleans and extends the life of your filtration media.
  • 72-hour memory backup for program functioning.

DWC Ceramic Disc Twin Softener System

The DWC twin softener system shows two tanks, each with its own valve head, and a brine tank on the side.

DWC Disc Valve Softening Systems are ideal for the auto wash industry. Designed with high flow rates, they are up to the task of handling high-volume car wash traffic. The system provides continuous soft water through a 3-way ball valve that allows one valve to operate in standby mode until the other reaches capacity and begins to regenerate.

This means you continue to provide top-quality water for your customers while your system replenishes.

Pre-Plumbed Manifolds and Headers

This pre-plumbed header and manifold shows two "twin" valve heads connected with the copper piping, shut off valves, and fixtures already attached.

Pre-Plumbed headers and manifolds available in 1”, 1.5”, 2” and 3” copper, stainless steel or schedule 80 PVC—each one custom-built for your application to include isolation valves, unions and one common inlet and outlet to ensure the simplest of installations. Let us do the hard work!

Grundfos Pumps for the Car Wash Industry

Two grundfos pumps that are both popular in the car wash industry.

From circulators to high pressure smart booster pumps to all-in-one pump stations using immersible pumps vertically mounted, the Grundfos name represents quality for over 50 years in the United States.

Grundfos has consistently committed to product quality and innovation. Grundfos’ smart pumps feature integrated variable frequency drive and allowed users to control and monitor their system: Flow and pressure requirements can be adjusted based on water demand remotely. Save on chemicals and water usage! And these pumps offer a vertical mounting option to help you save space. In short, Grundfos pumps help ensure reliable, cost-saving and consistent operations.