Stop wasting valuable time on stubborn sewer caps with the Sq Nut Sewer Cap Removal Tool!

A must-have for professionals who deal with sewer plug removal. Ideal for plumbers, sewer inspectors, sewer repair companies, wastewater districts, and more!

The SQ Nut Sewer Removal Tool features five combination sockets in a carrying case.
DPN: #sqnut
  • Five combination sockets (ten tools, total), including a 3/4” reducer
  • Handy carrying case
  • Made from high-grade aluminum for ease of operation
  • Fits multiple size PVC/ABS sewer caps
  • To be used with 1/2” drive ratchets, 1/2” drive socket extensions or impact drivers
  • Full manufacturer replacement if any included tool should fail within the first year

To order the Sq Nut Sewer Cap Removal Tool, contact a Duff Co. sales rep today, and ask for part number sqnut. Current sale price is $295 each. (Prices subject to change or freight costs. Contact a sales rep for more information.)