August 19, 2016

Heating Pre-Season Checklist

The heat wave is over (for now), and we’re halfway through the last month of Summer. I know people are still at the beach, playing sports outdoors and enjoying being outside.  But with the end of summer in sight (sorry!), this is the best time for a pre-season tune-up. C’mon, you know the calls will come:

  • “I know it’s still September, but why is it so cold in here?”
  • “Why isn’t the boiler making any heat?”
  • “How much are we losing on that failed open steam trap?”

Not only is it important to get ahead of a problem before it begins, but it also may be cost effective. That’s because we’re having a pre-season sale on heating specialties.

Everything is on sale–from Alpha circulator pumps to Zeston fittings, and everything in between.

If you want to learn about the steam regulating valves, steam traps and circulating pumps that we stock, explore our Plumbing & HVAC Pumps webpage.

This is the Post without Pictures

Wait, why are there no pictures on this page? I have no idea, quite frankly. Let’s just chalk it up to website problems.

Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters

Did you know that Duff stocks and distributes steam/hot water unit heaters? Available with top/bottom (HS) or side (HC) inlet/outlet piping, Modine unit heaters install quickly, easily and at low cost because they are lightweight. Yet they are ruggedly constructed to resist rigorous handling and on-the-job abuse.

Horizontal Unit Heaters (HS/HC)

The horizontal steam/hot water unit heater is ideal for general commercial and industrial applications. Available with top/bottom (HS) or side (HC) inlet/outlet piping.

Vertical Unit Heaters (V/VN)

Recommended for a wide range of heating requirements, vertical steam/hot water unit heaters provide downward air delivery. These units may be suspended from up to 54 feet above the floor, depending upon the heater specifications.

Power Throw Heaters (PT)

Carrying a powerful, high-velocity air delivery system ranging from 1,860 to 2,520 cubic feet per minute, these heaters are recommended to warm areas around frequently-opened doors or wherever long horizontal heat throws are required.

A Final Word

Because no one can prepare for everything–and, let’s be real, life and other work gets in the way of even the best-laid plans–we’ll be ready once the heating season actually is here. We stock the parts you need; our knowledge of hydronics, steam and heating systems and accessories is unparalleled; and we have 24/7 emergency service. Trust me, we’re ready.


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