August 7, 2017

Do you have a job where a house needs more water pressure? Don’t want to get into the fancy (expensive) VFDs or pressure tanks and switches, with the constant stops and starts? If so, we have the perfect product for you.

This stainless steel shallow well jet pump is mounted with a pressure regulator to control delivery of water while also maintaining a constant pressure–without the inconvenience of fluctuating pressure. Think about having a shower running, while a load of laundry is in and the dishwasher is on . . . .

This self-contained pump system is easily portable, compact and even easy to store in winter time!

The pump is made with a built-in protection to keep it from running dry in case of a low water level. This is a perfect system for home cottages and farms.

The best part: It’s affordable at just $289!

3/4 HP Shallow Well – Dual App. Booster & Tank-less Jet Pump

  • Ideal for use in pumping depths of 25′ or less

115-Volt TEFC Motor

  • Totally enclosed, bearing to bearing
  • 10′ Power Cord

Thermal & Overload Protection

  • Provides added safety to protect your investment

Stainless Steel Pump Body, Shaft & Rotary Mechanical Seal

  • High quality components for years of reliable operation

Noryl Impeller

  • Provides quiet performance

Fluomac Pump Control System

  • No need for a conventional type tank

Maintains A Constant Pressure

  • No need for a pressure switch

Fully Electronic

  • Regulates & controls the delivery of water, maintains pressure

Added Features

  • Protects the pump from running dry & requires no maintenance

To learn more about this system–or any other pressure boosting needs–contact us today!

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