October 1, 2017

Duff Co. was proud to exhibit and actively participate in the annual Eastern Water Quality Association’s convention this year, held at Bear Creek Mountain Resort. And pride and appreciation are the best words to describe how we feel about being involved with this successful three-day event.

Duff is and has been a strong backer of the EWQA. A vibrant EWQA benefits not only Duff Co. and its peers, but also the entire community–from residential water treatment dealers, to contractors interested in selling water softeners, to pump service companies, to manufacturers of water treatment components.

Frequent visitors to this space might think it’s a rerun, but I want to state almost verbatim the words I wrote one year ago, because they once again ring true: The event was a huge hit. The facilities–the hotel rooms, trade show floor area, conference rooms and ballrooms–were immaculate and beautifully adorned; the views of the mountainside were idyllic; attendance and fundraising broke records; and the feedback from other attendees was nothing but stellar. Indeed, universally, people attending the event said it yielded immediate business dividends with new business opportunities. 

A few members of the Duff team

In the below picture you can see a glimpse of our booth. What you can’t see is a new product that we displayed this year, the DAB E.SYBOXmini. This simple little pressure booster is receiving rave reviews. This product is the simplest, most idiot-proof pump we’ve seen in a long while.

Moreover, the E.SYBOXmini guarantees constant pressure (from 15 up to 70 psi) inside the system. It’s suitable for use with drinking water, in domestic systems and gardening applications. The E.SYBOXmini does not requite any additional components for its installation; it really is plug-and-play.

To learn more about this pump, contact us or read more here.

“No, Charles, that is not the picture we should use.”

Of course, we wouldn’t have the chance to talk about our display if it weren’t for the EWQA. The organization is a leading voice for the industry and its professionals. It also provides an excellent forum to learn and train, whether about products, the marketplace, business, or otherwise.

What’s most exciting is that EWQA is on the move. It’s a growing organization, building on its recent successes to thrive in a changing market. More and more, these days, our customers are demanding high quality water filtration and purification. We are all uniquely situated to fill that void. By banding together on a regional basis, we are poised to lead the conversation in the years ahead.

For now, however, EWQA is focusing on what’s more immediately in front of us. In the months ahead you’ll hear about a mid-year tradeshow and learning opportunity. And next year, we’re all gearing up for a new location for the annual convention: Kalahari Resort in the Poconos.

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