T&S Brass was the first to develop a pre-rinse faucet system, and they’ve revolutionized the design process by offering customizable systems that suit any set of needs, whether they be low-profile, ergonomic, or high-powered performance.

Their low-flow solutions can save thousands in utility bills and support a sustainable business practice.

DuraPull Pre-Rise Faucet


Pull-down activation. Automatic shut-off function. Premium aesthetics. Great for use with single- or double-compartment sinks, high-volume kitchens or open-concept floor plans. 

Overhead Spring Pre-Rise Faucet

Overhead Spring

Support spring positions the hose upright when pulled down during use. Efficient solution with easy maintenance.

Roto Flex Pre-Rise Faucet

Roto Flex

Overhead support arm allows hose to retract when not in use. Supported gliding motion for ergonomic ease of use. 

Overhead Swivel Arm Pre-Rise Faucet

Overhead Swivel Arm

Horizontal support arm swivels. Ideal for three-compartment sinks due to increased range of motion.

Balancer Pre-Rise Faucet


Support hose features tall riser for maximum reach up to five feet with easy hose retraction. Multiple hose lengths available.

Low Profile Pre-Rise Faucet

Low Profile

Ideal for compact kitchens and tight spaces. Ideal for single- or double-compartment sinks where space is limited.

Add-on Options for Pre-Rise Faucets

Add-On Options for Pre-Rinse Faucets

Choose your spray valve (for all units except DuraPull) and customize your unit with add-ons and accessories to increase productivity, reduce waste, and extend the life of your finished design. 

Add-on Swivel
Vacuum Breakers
Wall Brackets
Add-on Faucets
Brush Attachments for Spray Valves
Tees to supply water to accessory applications

T&S Brass UltraRinse Faucet Units

The T&S Brass UltraRinse Pre-Rise Faucet

The ULTRARINSE Difference

  • Angled fan spray tips maximize surface area contact, clean and rinse more quickly
  • Hands-free operation
  • Rinses away particulates and bacteria that regular faucets’ spray patterns can leave behind
  • Great for rinsing produce and thawing foods
  • Retrofits T&S manual faucets and Pre-Rinse Units (requires swivel outlet body)
  • Available in two lengths – 10” length for use with 12” nozzles and 16” length for use with 18” nozzles
  • Promotes food safety
  • Reduces food damage and waste
  • Patented – US Patent # 10,563,384
  • Two positions – Spray and Fill. Spray activates the spray fan tips, fill activates the nozzle.
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