Keep in touch with your well water customers and increase your service revenue with these annual services.


Sani-System water treatment system that kills bacteria in systems like water softeners and RO Units.

Equipment should be sanitized regularly to eliminate bacteria and maintain the quality of the water treatment system. Sani-System can destroy bacteria that grows and multiples where water sits, such as inside tank surfaces and in hoses.

When used as directed, Sani-System kills bacterial such as Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), Escherichia coli (E. coli), Listeria and other micro-organisms that grow on the untreated surfaces of water quality equipment like water softeners and RO units.

This EPA registered, NSF approved sanitizer delivers reliable, effective sanitization for water softeners and reverse osmosis units.

Kills harmful bacteria without chlorine, acids, or oxidizers.

Each packet of concentrated formula works in just sixty seconds. Available in pre-measured doses.

Softener Repair Parts

Water Treatment Service Parts

Control valves, such as softener and filter valves, need regular maintenance too!

Seals, spacers and pistons should be tested regularly, especially in problem water applications with excess substances like iron to treat.

UV Bulbs

UV Bulbs

UV bulbs should be replaced at least every twelve months or after every 9,000 hours of use. After that time, disinfection will no longer occur and lessen protection from microbiological matter.

Whenever UV bulbs are replaced, it is helpful to replace the o-rings as well.

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